Basic Full Body Thai Massage: 60 minutes


A good place to begin. It is a Full Body Massage starting at the toes and working up to a relaxing head massage. The massage uses ancient techniques, such as palming, thumbing and yoga stretching to release tension in the muscles and joints and remove blockages from the body's natural energy flow. This massage will leave you feeling relaxed and restored. All massages can be personalised to concentrate on specific ailments, or modified in case of injury or illness.

Total Full Body Thai Massage: 90-120 minutes


A comprehensive Full Body Thai Massage takes at least 90 minutes. Through a series of passive Yoga stretches and massage, each and every muscle and joint in your body will be stretched, rubbed, massaged and pulled, leaving you feeling relaxed and unrestrained. Your body's energy flow, your life force will be unblocked and rebalanced, giving you invigorating feeling of freedom and energy.

Thai Foot Massage: 30 minutes


A massage of the feet and lower legs, using Ancient techniques, including stretching and acupressure to stimulate reflex points. It has elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Chinese massage. A Thai foot massage is both invigorating and deeply relaxing.

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